Noves pedres 101

Aquesta col·laboració de pedres virtuals ha arribat a canvi de les pedres 85 i 87.

Pedres 85 i 87

Aquí hi teniu les pedres 85 i 87, a més d'un tros sense identificar.

Here is a photograph of the place where I found your stone number 80/100. I am the one in the foreground wearing brown, looking at the cliffs through binoculars. I can remember reaching the beach and being a bit annoyed that the bay was full of small boats. But we had a nice walk there and found your stones and some starfish (which made the children happy)………….

I've just returned to your site again and seen your comment. My stone is number 80/100. I will send you a photograph of me and my friends and children at the cove where we found that stone and many others (I only took one to remind me of that day). After a long and hot walk to this cove to get away from the rest of the world we were surprised and a little disappointed to find it full of boats..............